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January 28, 2009

This is my grampa W.P. Andrews. Friends call him Dub. He was born  January 17, 1919 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. He would be a very young 90 years old. As he sits beside me today he thinks he need to get plastic surgery to remove some of his wrinkles. He says if he gets some more false teeth it will make his face fill out more. I can’t help but sit and laugh at him. He’s been with me for a couple of weeks after I picked him up in Oklahoma. I love hearing his stories, and I can’t figure out how he remembers the dates to everything that happened in his life. He also remembers the first and last names of everyone. I can’t remember what happened yesterday. Nothing is worse when he notices that my kids hardly do nothing. Coming from that generation you had to work to survive. He told me today that he was crossing his fingers that my kids would do their chores. It’s was quite funny watching the whole thing. He says if you take your vitamins,walk, take some minerals you should be good. He looks great for his age, hopefully that will be passed along to me. I can hope can’t i. He said when he’s 100 he’ll decided if he wants to go on.. Gotta love it. If you have any aches just use a rolling pin, lay on the floor and move up and down.  It’s always worked for him. If you have a cough just take a swig of Seagram’s 7 before bed and your good to go. Use Vaseline on your face and everywhere else, it will make your skin smooth. Just a few tips that have worked for him..

I lived with my grandparents in California for 2 years while i finished high school . My mom moved so I stayed with them. I loved being with them. I would always ask my grama who her favorite grandchild was. She just laughed. I still like to think I’m the favorite, I’m sure all the other grand-kids would disagree. My grama died October 26, 2004 and is buried in Missouri. God how I miss her. I’ve always felt like they were just my grandparents. I had some many good times with them.We  played a lot of cards (gin rummy) god she was good. She loved going to Carl’s Jr. for a hamburger. She used to hide candy all through the house so no one could find it but her. At night she always put a extra blanket at the bottom of my bed so my feet would stay warm.   Oh how I miss those days..Always remember to Cherish the ones you love, for one day they won’t be there…And always take time to listen to their life story, that generation has had an incredible life, and been through things we could never imagine. Take the time.. BECAUSE I AM!!!


He got dressed up for dinner since he was seeing his Nephew after 50yrs.



I just love this picture..


My great-grampas little house in Oklahoma, bought in 1963 for $6300. Half of it used to be a general store. Right next to the Grand Lake Dam in Disney.


My grandparents in their younger days. They were hot..


January 12, 2009

 Happy Happy Birthday Blakie..That’s what we used to call him when he was a baby. It’s so hard for me to believe that my middle son is now 16. I sometimes wonder where all the time went. Don’t you remember when your parents said “time flies”, well I can honestly tell you it does. Oh how I miss the days when Blake was little. He had  has the best laugh. I do have to say he was a not a easy baby. Between his colic and stomach problems  I didn’t think I would make it. I used to make his milk out of Caro syrup, evaporated milk, and water because his colic was so bad. He cried so much, I would walk him up and down the street or drive him in the car and pray he would sleep. As you can see times have changed and I know longer need to rock him or cry along with him. Though I feel like I can cry right now because I realize  what an incredible kid he is. I love his laugh, his smile, his humor, his heart, his loyality, the list for him goes on. I am so proud of him..

Happy Happy Birthday my son…


I love your smile..



Blake and his bestfriend Phillip


Can they just not just smile for one picture..


We'll see how long this last..

January 10, 2009

I thought every once in a while I might give you all a movie review. Me and the family are huge movie goers and video watchers. There is nothing better than eating a big bag of popcorn and watching a great movie. Once in awhile we  get so  disappointed at the bad  movies. Today we went and saw Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. Some of you might think he is way to old to act but he’s not and if your a fan of his you have to see it. Eastwood is a newly widowed man and very racist man who sets out to reform the young  Hmong teenage who tried to steal his 1972 Gran Torino. And help save him from a gang of Hmong teenagers.

There was a lot of foul laungage         
 There was NO Nudity at all                   
  It was a little bloody but not much    
And it was really funny  (which surprised me)   
It’s a must see in my book!! I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars..


January 06, 2009

It was about stinkin’ time I had family visit me in Texas. It’s been at least 7 years since my nieces Haley and Brooke  were here. They were practically babies back then. They flew out the day after Christmas and stayed for 9 days. I was in Aunt heaven. My husbands twin brother was also nice enough to fly out. Were were lovin’ those Californians.  We hated to see them leave, once one of them started crying then I was done. I just love them to death life. I’m still needing a few days to rest and get my house back in order but, it was well worth it.  It’s so nice to know that even though were so far away the cousins are as close as ever. We were a little sad that Connor couldn’t make it out. I know you’ve seen pictures of them before, but here are some more. I can’t have them out here and not take pictures, what kind of Aunt would I be, don’t answer that.

” Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” – Anthony Brandt


January 03, 2009

I had so much fun working with the Montgomery family, they have got to be the nicest family around. Just watching them all together made me want to be part of their family. I can honestly say they are great parents. Makes me want to up my game as a mom. After re-scheduleing their appointment 3 times  two many times, we finally got together. It was such a beautiful day. I thought I’d try bringing some bubble gum and see if they could make big  bubbles. After a few pops they  finally got it.  I’m a little late posting, but better late then never.