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February 11, 2009

Today is one of those days I have been dreading. Our beloved dog Rodney had to be put to sleep due to cancer. We found out about the cancer a month ago when his vision was going. We were giving him steroids which seemed to help, but also seemed to give me a little bit of false hope. Sometimes you like to believe that if you don’t acknowledge it, it isn’t true. That doesn’t work. Over the last few days he had gotten worse, he became completely blind walking into all the cabinets in the house. He was already deaf so you can imagine how miserable he was.  My husband was the one who had to take him, it was just something I couldn’t  do. 

We were givin’ Rodney in 2001 after someone found him on a golf course.   He said whenever he hit a ball Rodney would fetch it and bring it back to him. He loved playing fetch, he loved swimming in the pool, he loved sleeping on the boys bed, he loved playing with our other dogs,  he always had a ball in his mouth wanting someone to throw it. He was just a wonderful dog.  I no longer have anyone to step over in the morning when I get up or to hear scratching at the door when he wants in.  It’s funny how you always miss the little things they do, and that’s true with a animal or a person.   I had the kids take a few pictures with him, it’s always nice to have a memory of your childhood friend.  Today is a very sad day at the Fraser household…

Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our life whole.
                                           -Roger Caras






This gives you an idea of how long we had Rodney..Seth was about 5 yrs old..