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September 24, 2009

For all of you that own a iPhone this there is a new iPhone app by Chase Jarvis that Rocks!! Below are a few pictures I’ve taken with this new app. You can instantly change each picture with a few actions. There is a photographer in all of us just dying to come out. Just give’em a chance. Once your done having fun, then you can upload it to a live feed from other iPhone users. I love this, it’s instant gratification. 


September 07, 2009

I’m sure you thought Charlie was some Hot High School Senior, unfortunatly Charlie is a brown eyed squirrel..I first met Charlie one weekend morning when I went outside and I heard what sounded like someone or something making a chomping noise. Of course, I had to find out what it was. When I turned around there sat Charlie in his tree happily eating his lunch, could have been his breakfast, I’m not sure what the squirrel schedule is, but he didn’t  have a care in the world(until I showed up). I knew this was a perfect picture opportunity, so I ran in the house and headed straight for the camera (what else would I have been going for). I made sure I got my big lens so I didn’t have to disturb him. I ran outside just as happy as could be, but I had a feeling Charlie didn’t feel the same. I’m pretty good at reading squirrels, and I don’t think he likes humans watching him eat. He probably had some bad experience with humans or just other random bad experiences in his life. So I crept up slowly, and not to close (that’s what the big lens is for). He continued to eat, but just for a brief moment, growing very angry in a short period of time. By this time my boys had also come outside so Charlie  took off  up the tree  climbing from limb to limb running as fast as he could. I kept taking pictures as fast as my finger would hit the button. We kept looking up as he ran from branch to branch yelling “there he is” (Charlie is quick). But then,  that’s when we felt it (felt what, your thinking “what, what did you feel”) the nuts hitting our head, one after the other. They were being thrown at us from above by Charlie(who else would it be, i couldn’t climb the tree) this squirrel obviously has  anger issues. I just don’t get it, why can’t animals be nice these days, I kept thinking there’s know way a squirrel could do that, well I have the picture to prove it(see last picture). See if I take any more pictures of Charlie, I done with him. Even if he changes his attitude, I”m done…