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June 29, 2011

Many people dont know that the story of Rapunzel is a true one. A story of romance, heroism, and that strange tower with no doors.

Rapunzel of course is a fake name. The real name of this beauty was,



Its a really long story so I have to kind of cut it short. Just like what happened to her hair.

So one day a chivalrous knight discovers that strange tower with no doors and only one window.

He yells “Hello!”

Short story shorter she stumbles upon a vile of pure immortality.

She drinks it.

And here she is. Unchanged for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. A rare creature of unadulterated gorgeosity.


I had to make up a word to describe her.

If you find a better word just keep it to yourself because nobody wants to hear it.

Brianunzel is my princess.

Hair and Make-up by Haley Garelick





June 22, 2011

They say every time a bell rings an Angel gets its wings. But what if that Angel already has wings. In this instance a curious things happens.

Double wings.

What is the difference between wings and double wings?

Super sonic flight, Mind control, The ability to eat Asparagus, and two more things that I cannot name due to sworn secrecy.

Now what if that that Angel’s name is Angel?

Simple, She becomes an agent of counter espionage.

I’m kidding of course.

She actually becomes Angel Squared. A Planetary Savior sent from the Galactic Alliance.

She has the ability to freeze men with her beauty. Sometimes she just wears a tutu and blows peoples minds.

This girl…. Hold on a sec. I checked Wikipedia.

So she is either a Planetary Savior or the killer known as Jigsaw. One or the other, I’m not sure.

I love you Ms. Pickles!

***It took me three hours to write this because I would look at a picture for what seemed to be a few seconds but was actually fifteen minutes.

You can see some of Angel’s modeling work at

Hair and Make-up by Haley Garelick