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October 09, 2011

A – llie

L – oves

L – iving

I – n

E – xistentialism

Is that not the truest thing you have ever read? No?…

Ya I don’t really know what it means. But here is my hypothesis… about that thing I wrote earlier but don’t understand what it means.

About that thing that I wrote…

Allie – That’s her name. I’m about 87% sure.

Loves – What’s not to love about her. Her eyes, Smile? That she loves listening to her favorite records on the porch or in the barn? That she hangs out in old firetrucks or on railroad tracks? Her eyes, Smile?

Living – What’s not to live about her. Her eyes, Smile?


I’m changing my hypothesis.

A – llie

I – s

B – eautiful

A – nd

M- ore

B – eautiful

Everyone I would like you to meet Aibamb.

That’s her name. I’m about 0% sure

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