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November 26, 2015

B! Well it’s a letter. And the first letter in the name Brandon.

This guy is a stud. And I am happy to say he is coming to UNT! The college I go to. I can actually say UNT will be better with him here. His film skills are off the charts.

I mean WAY off the charts.

If the charts were the size of a regular piece of paper, Brandon is way over there! You can’t see me pointing but I am pointing to the moon.

Ya he’s that good.

I can’t wait to see what you do B! Big things!

Accredited: Garrett Fraser

November 26, 2015

Kevin! My Man! My homeboy! My guy that I have never actually met!

I would like to formally introduce myself… I am known only as the writer. Because… you know… I write stuff.

But I am also known and the Deducer. Because I deduce incredible things from pictures. Like how you are clearly a train conductor. Why else all the pictures with trains? Choo Choo! But then would you also be a stair conductor because you are next to stairs? Hmmm my logic doesn’t seem to hold up. Oh well, ignore it!

I am the Deducer!

I also deduce that you are model! Why else would you be so good looking? Clearly a model.

Wow! My great guy duducer senses are tingling! You must also be a great guy! In fact I know you are!

Keep it up Kevin. This here Writer and Deducer believes in you!

*I throw down a smoke bomb. When the smoke clears I am still there… writing*

Hey I never said I was going to disappear.

Accredited : Garrett Fraser



November 26, 2015

Ryan! Geeze! I am having to write all these blogs about people I’ve watched grow up. It’s tough.

You’re a grown man now. Embrace it. Life can suck, there are responsibilities, relationships, school, work etc.

But life can be O’ so beautiful. Those responsibilities can be to feed the dog you love or to make sure you get your incredible girlfriend a birthday gift.

When I say relationships I mean just with people. Not specifically with any one person. If you enjoy a relationship put work into it. Don’t let that person go. Make a lifelong friend. It is worth the world.

School takes a lot of effort. But I have met incredible people through it. And in the end it pays off in ways you could never imagine.

Work… well work is work. But hopefully you will do something you love. And get paid to do it.

Etc. stands for etcetera. It just means extended similar things. I’m sure you already know what it means. It’s a joke because I went through all the other things and people don’t usually explain what etc. means. Haha

I wish you the best Ryan! Go out and conquer the world!

Accredited: Garrett Fraser