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October 15, 2009
The other night me and the family went to see “U2” ..All I can say is I love this band..I used to listen to the album “Joshua Tree” everyday on the way to work, singing my heart out to ” The Streets Have No Name”. We were at the new Cowboy Stadium which is huge. Unfortunately  they didn’t  use their new jumbo tron, but they had to lift it because the stage was so big.  U2  brought their own screen  which was pretty cool.
Now, I do feel a little bad that Garrett and Blake had nose bleed seats and all they could see is the side of leg from their huge set. They said it was pretty muffled up high. Seth on Mason on the other hand were right next to me and enjoying every moment. I took these pictures with my little point and shoot, I wasn’t in the mood to bring my good camera. If you listen carefully you can here me singing on the video below.. Please don’t  be jealous of my voice I’m just a natural. We are all so tired, but oh how it was worth it.
U2 004
U2 017
U2 027
U2 047
U2 034

April 16, 2009

This is  my 18yr old son Garrett, who absolutely loves music. Most of the time you’ll  see him with a ipod stuck to his hip, if he doesn’t have it,  then something must be wrong. Garrett started by playing the saxophone in school and decided it wasn’t for him, since  he is  musically inclined  it was  really no surprise when he decided to pick up the drum sticks and start drumming. It helped that his dad is a awesome drummer and we had a drum set just sitting there calling his name. He has since borrowed  a piano and he’s teaching himself how to play..If only I hadn’t quit my piano lessons as a kid, I blame that on my brother and sister. They quit, so I figured I should too and now I can’t play a note.

  I took these while i was working on  my off camera flash and he was playing the drums so I thought what a great subject to practice on.
This first picture is exactly how I see him..2-of-2-399-x-600